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Choosing your Fir

Choose from five different Firs...

See price list for more information.

Featherdown Fir
  • Ultra soft, toddler-friendly foliage.

  • Delightful citrus aroma.

  • Brilliant needle retention.

  • Rooted or cut 5ft to 7ft from £30.00
  • Cut 8ft to 18ft from £55.00
Balsam and Fraser Firs
  • Two traditionally shaped trees.

  • Dark green or blue-green foilage.

  • Excellent needle retention.

  • Cut or rooted 5ft to 7ft from £30.00
  • Cut 8ft to 12ft from £55.00
Nordman Fir
  • Open branches - great for decoration.

  • Beautiful British Racing Green.

  • Rarely drops a needle.

  • From the Russian Steppes.

  • Cut 3ft to 7ft from £29.00
  • Cut 8ft to 18ft from £65.00
Noble & Subalpine Fir
  • A true blue tree.

  • Highly Aromatic.

  • Limited availability.

  • Cut 5ft to 7ft from £45.00
  • Cut 8ft to 18ft from £70.00